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Building strong, intelligent and easy to use apps is crucial for your business because it helps you transform your customer relationships and grant you staying power within the industry. Also, the more an interface is visually appealing, easy to use and intuitive, the more it will improve the user experience.

Our vision

Why choose Zupria? Because we aim to make your company more productive thus profitable and your and your co-workers’ lives easier and happier.

How do we differentiate from our competitors? We stand out by providing your company with software that is productivity – oriented, innovative, intuitive and robust while we back it up with an outstanding customer service.

What is our vision? Zupria software in every company.

Our services

Mobile Application
Custom Software
API & Integrations
AI Algorithms

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Abdelhamid Mohamed

Business Administrator

Bogdan, The main person behind ZUPRIA, has worked with BrandBuiders since 2016, during this period They delivered more than 2000 wonderful designs, it may be just a business, and we shared the benefits, but we do hold for that guy and his company a great gratitude, these guys know their way in the field, professional, efficient and most important of all they're never late

Eduard Hristea

Manager Tuffli

We created our online shop back in 2014 and the end result was astonoshing for that time. During the past 6 years they were always promptly by our side answering all our requests for maintanance and now we are in process of redesigning the entire online shop.

Catalin Arama

Director of IT Park Galati

Zupría is a member of Lower Danube Galati IT&C Cluster, is a company that colaborated with us and I think it's the proof of the regional potential in the IT sector. The performances Zupría has are the result of the professionalism and competences of the people inside the company.

Adrian Manole

Manager ADM Club Braila

I reached out to Zupría to get a website done for my company and I can say I am very pleased because the whole team was very professional, communicative and fast. Everything went smoothly and I strongly recommand them.

Certification SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018

SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018 Information Security Management Certification Certificate