Custom Software

There is a wide variety of software solutions on the digital market with the intent of helping your company or organization. Yet, as you grow, in order to develop your business or activity in the direction that you envision, custom software is the best and most effective way to achieve the results that you desire.

Why is that? The answer to that question is in the name of the product: Custom Software.

Making the choice to have custom software developed specifically for your business will always give you a serious edge on your market segment. Using a software designed and developed by Zupria according to your needs, will give you advantages like:

  • High level of activity automation;
  • Visible growth of business efficiency;
  • More control, by customizing actions that are automated and by removing human error;
  • Improved customer relationships

Our custom software is developed in order to meet the requirements of your business and it can include:

  • Web software development, based on client specifications;
  • Web software development, with the option of complementary development of OnPremises apps;
  • Extending/developing existing applications;
  • Integration with other apps (CRM, ERP etc.);
  • Different API integrations (online payment, bookings etc.);
  • Native or hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS;

How can you benefit from the advantages offered by Zupria custom software?

First off all, we’ll need to have a talk and analyze the specifications of the project. Then, we’ll map out the steps we need to follow, the technical solutions we’ll use, and identify the necessary resources for finishing the project optimally.

Depending on the requirements, we offer custom software services for online database apps, which we create using different technologies, based on the specifics of each project. We mostly use PHP, Python, Lumen / Laravel and JavaScript frameworks, along with HTML5 and CSS3 for small and medium-sized projects.

For enterprise projects we use Java as the main programming language, together with other languages or frameworks, depending on functional requirements. Strictly as a complementary tool for the web app, we can develop a desktop client which will integrate with the databases used by the app; for this, we prefer languages like Scala or Go.

We also design integrations through different APIs, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS.

For the duration of the project implementation, we will consult with you actively, so that we find the best solutions for your business. After it is developed, we’ll perform all the necessary tests to ensure that the product works perfectly before it is launched and that it meets the highest standards for security and data protection. After delivering the project, we also provide full predictive and corrective maintenance services.

We encourage you to contact us for a personalized quote.

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