Web, mobile, Windows & Mac application suite for financial and procurement management

The non-reimbursable project management application aims to simplify the experience of writing and managing a European project. After the first step, which involves filling in the required fields in the Search module, the application will show only the projects for which the company is eligible. Thus, less time is allocated to searching for the program according to the user’s needs. Of course, the rest of the programs are still available to be consulted at any time, but their filtering is done in a few seconds.

The complexity of the application lies in the possibility to define, within it, several companies that want to apply to several projects simultaneously, as well as several partners. Once defined, they remain saved in the system and can be used whenever they want to apply for a new project.

The Management-financing application brings a great benefit to any company that wants to submit a project: documents cannot be omitted, deadlines cannot be missed as they are predefined. The application contains document templates that are filled in with field counts so that incomplete documents are not sent, the complete list of documents to be uploaded, collaborators can be defined for certain modules and written notifications can be sent, in a cascade system, to all defined users.

The application also calculates the percentage of financing, VAT, own contribution for each defined purchase, depending on the specifics of the financing axis.

Management-financing can be used from the moment you have made the decision to try to obtain non-reimbursable funds until the moment when the reimbursement applications are submitted.

Challenges encountered

1. The major challenges encountered in the project were related to the creation of editable documents in the application, as well as the document versioning system, so that no information entered in the system is lost.

2. The mathematical calculations that apply differently to each axis, as well as the system for calculating the predefined steps of a procurement, and the related notifications, have required increased attention.

Team members

Project Manager, Technical Coordinator, BackEnd Developer, FrontEnd Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, User Manual Writer, Desktop Graphic Designer, Application Graphic Designer, 2x Intermediate Stage Tester; Expert User Experience, Final tester programmer for desktop application and Windows mobile device application, Final tester programmer for Android and iOS, Developer for mobile devices with Windows operating system.

Technologies used

Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Vue.js, JavaScript, jQuery, tcpdf, HTML5, CSS3, GIT, Capacitor, Yarn, Quasar

The duration of the project was 36 months.

Certification SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018

SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018 Information Security Management Certification Certificate