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Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of definitions of sub-programs, protocols and tools for developing applications and software. An API can be for a web system, an operating system, a database system, or hardware or software libraries. For example, when it comes to the interface between apps and the operating system, the API establishes in detail the way the applications can access the services of the operating system they’re running on.

Do you need an API for your business?

The answer is simple: Yes!

In order to further explain what an API is and why you need one, we will give you some common examples of how an API is used and how it can make a positive difference for your company or for your organization:

Example 1:

Let’s say that your business is an online portal where you offer a service, like education, news etc. If you want your users to create accounts that will allow you to have a clear situation about their status or progress within your portal, you will need to create a sign-in form.

That is the recommended approach, but this forms are time-consuming and are a nuisance for the user, your potential customer, so the faster and more comfortable choice would be to have the option to sign in using a social media profile, like Facebook.

This way, the users will be able to create accounts and sign in without the need to fill in their data, because it will be synchronized automatically with their respective Facebook profiles. Bonus: you get a better Facebook presence through likes and shares.

How is this possible? The answer is: through the Facebook API.

Example 2:

Every business and organization wants to be as easy to locate on a map as possible and to have driving directions that allow customers to find it with no effort. Do you create your own map or is it more logical to use Google Maps, or a similar service? Of course, you will use the Google Maps’ API and it will display your location on your site, with the region you are located in. By using an API you will be able to easily direct customers to your shop, restaurant, hotel etc.

As you can see, APIs are very important for the success of your business and we can integrate them through web programming technologies any maintenance type solution, such as:

  • API integration for email or SMS notifications;
  • Custom integration of courier modules using their API;
  • Integration of custom modules;
  • CRM, ERP, online payment, booking system integration;
  • API development and the necessary documentation for an existing app, etc.

Also, we develop well defined APIs that reflect your business objectives, but that will also take into account the strengths and the limitations of your company regarding budget, personnel competence and technical infrastructure.

Thus, an API must be:

  • Easy to extend and integrate in the client’s app;
  • Hard to use, when used incorrectly;
  • Integrated in code that is not hard to read and manage;
  • Able to satisfy the client’s requirements;
  • Fit for the target public.

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