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Our Vision

Why choose Zupría? Zupría is a brand that represents a highly experienced team of software developers that share the same goals: innovative technology and software must be easy to use, it should be an extension of human productivity and it must bring extraordinary value for companies and organizations.

How do we differentiate from our competitors? We stand out by providing your company with software that is productivity – oriented, innovative, intuitive and robust while we back it up with an outstanding customer service. Increased productivity through Zupría software means that your business will be more profitable and at the same time your co-workers’ jobs will become easier to perform and take less of their time.

What is our vision? Zupría software in every company.

Our Mission

We aim to build the most technological advanced suite of apps that will assist companies in becoming more productive, reducing the fault ratio through automation and providing a clear view of the entire company processes.

Friendly, fast and cost-effective software

Software must simplify and enhance both the value and quality of your work. By adding to that the fast processing capabilities of the technology we use, and the benefits brought to your company by reducing operational costs, our products are exactly what we intended them to be: extensions of human productivity.

By using our browser-based software products, you can enjoy the vast storage and the high processing power of our servers, without installing anything on your computer. This way, you can perform complex operations and tasks through our user-friendly online interface without the worry of straining your terminals. Basically, you can do a lot more while keeping your technology costs in check.

Security and privacy are very important to us

Our private servers use top of the line security measures, so you can rest assured that your data is safe with us. In addition, we backup everything on second set of servers (Dropbox), just for your peace of mind.

A one-stop shop for your software needs

Do you need mobile apps that will allow you to better promote your brand and to improve customer service and conversions, API’s that will make your business more accessible through various integrations, custom software built to satisfy all your activity requirements, AI algorithms that will analyze vast amount of data and make accurate predictions, or maybe something else? You name it and we will develop it, with the Zupría guarantee for excellence!

Enjoy the benefits of Zupría software and witness your company evolve in the way you envisioned it!

Our Values

Always do the right thing
We are always true to our word because that’s how you will know that you can rely on our team, our work, our products and services. By always doing the right thing, our customers become our partners, and the result is a win-win relationship.
Be responsible for your actions
Nobody is perfect, and every now and then some things may turn up less than perfect. When this happens we step up and fix it at our own expense. When we say we will do something, we do it. When we set a deadline, we meet it. When we promise something, we keep our word. Always! No exceptions! That is the way we understand responsibility and we consider it to be one of the defining traits of Zupría!
Always keep improving yourself
Working with cutting-edge technology and developing high performance software has taught us that evolution is constant and that innovation, continual learning and adaptability are the keys to success. Technologies advance very quickly, so we pay a great deal of attention to the continuous improvement of our skills, in order to serve our customers in the only way we know: the best!
Quality comes first
We know that nowadays it is getting harder and harder to find quality products and services, but we consider this shouldn’t be the case for our customers. We treat each project as if it is our own and we aim to deliver the highest level of quality that is possible for each project. Because we truly believe that our customers deserve what’s best for their companies and organizations. Through quality work we develop and deliver quality software, and that is what you should always expect from us!
Be flexible
Our specialty is to develop custom software and that implies a great deal of flexibility in order to provide an end product that will meet all the customer’s requests and expectations. We will always go the extra mile for our customers, and we will always try to put ourselves in their shoes in order to better understand them. Why? Because that’s what we do at Zupría. When you place your trust in us, we always deliver great and reliable software with the complexity that will always perfectly match your needs.

Our Clients

Certification SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018

SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018 Certificare în Managementul Securității Informațiilor Certificat